Mushroom hunts are regularly led by our knowledgeable volunteers into the fungal jungles of San Diego county and environs. Bring your basket! Participation in SDMS Forays requires a signed liability waiver. To save time at the start of forays, you can download a form here Release and Indemnification Liability Waiver, sign it, and turn it in with your membership renewal.


Beginner and Intermediate mycology classes are offered from time to time for a reasonable fee. This page will be updated accordingly as classes are added and organized.

2015-2016 Season Events

Check the Home page each month for in depth details for each event.

Oct 5, 2015 – Sam Andrasko, Mushroom cultivation
Nov 2, 2015 – David Rust (president of NAMA) and Debbie Viess “Amanita Rita”
Dec 7, 2015 – Holiday Potluck, white elephant exchange, silent auction fundraiser
Jan 4, 2016 – TBD
Feb 1, 2016 – TBD
Feb 21, 2016 – Mushroom Fair {Speakers:TBD; Catering: TBD}
Mar 7, 2016 – TBD
Apr 4, 2016 – TBD
May 2, 2016 – End of the Season Potluck